Jacqueline places great importance on listening to clients, gaining an understanding of what they are trying to achieve in their home, working with existing pieces.


Remarking that " colour is such an important part of decorating in that it has the ability to change ones' mood or the look instantly ", Jacqueline often finds that simply changing colour , moving items or even sometimes the removal of some items of furniture brings about the transformation that the client requires.

Jacqueline undertakes each commission with the same enthusiasm and love of bringing the clients' vision to life.

Enthusiasm for every aspect of design on large scale projects, period or country homes, beachside apartments , redecoration of a single room, or simply providing her clients with her time to discuss and refine their ideas prior to commencement of a restoration project, is coupled with her exceptional client service.

Jacqueline covers just about every aspect of creating that inspirational space you desire.

Design and Supply

The scope of her services to clients extends from the design phase to the sourcing and supply of furnishings, lighting, curtains and accessories, custom furniture and working in a project management manner with other skilled trades people.

Jacqueline takes pride in the fact that so many of her clients return to her with other projects and that she is involved in many long term commissions.