Settee striped and cushions

Red chair with dog fabric

White and blue spotted sofa

Blue Chest

Jacqueline observes a change in the way we regard the furniture in our homes." There is a definite trend away from keeping our furniture as people did in the past.

Now there seems to be an average of about five years before people are looking for something different or adding pieces".

European or local antique furniture mixes wonderfully with Chinese antique pieces. For example using an antique Chinese screen as a bedhead makes for a strikingly masculine bedroom feature.

The simple French Country look furniture is very much sought after at present. With it's casual, yet chic appearance, it is easy to maintain and is great family furniture.

Modular sofas area also a boon for today's busy lifestyles.

With cushions that can be removed and cleaned, they are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes- perfect for a family room.