HorsesHeadJacqueline works closely with her clients, giving careful consideration to how rooms will be used and how to create different moods.

There is so much choice when considering lighting for your home.

Lighting is such an important element to consider in the overall interior design.

The right type and amount of lighting in a room can dramatically impact how a room looks and how it is used.

Chandeliers - Old World, Whimsical or Contemporary

Chandeliers, once seen predominantly in palaces and grand country homes, are now gracing a variety of homes on a somewhat smaller scale, adding their sparkle to all rooms.

A chandelier looks great in a bathroom.

Chandeliers can be a reminder of a grander age, add a touch of whimsical flair or be very at home in today's modern interior.

In a gentle mood

Table lamps create wonderfully soft and ambient lighting effects in any room of your home.

A touch of Practicality

Down lights and task lighting are the best options when directing light for a specific usage requirement.