During the early 1980's , Australia was beginning it's love affair with the restoration of old houses, continuing on strongly until the late 1990's.

As a Master Craftswoman, with specialised skills and a keen interest in the Victorian and Edwardian periods, Jacqueline was commissioned to carry out major restoration works of the furnishings in the State Rooms of Government House Sydney, as well as providing services to many of Sydney's top decorators.

Today, alongside the trend for newer, cleaner lines and more open plan living, many people have continued their love affair with old houses.

Jacqueline works with these clients to restore their properties, taking them lovingly back to the way they were in a bygone era.

As project manager tasked with bringing about the transformation, Jacqueline works closely with a select team of skilled craftsmen and women who have preserved the traditions of their craft and developed expertise in their relevant fields.