Bumph silk curtains

Bumph lined making process 1

Bumph lined curtain making process 3

Bumph lined sampler

Traditionally made bumph interlined curtains

Hand made the same way for well over 100 years 


There are many benefits to selecting bumph interlined curtains:


  • Excellent insulation properties according to the seasons. Keeping the heat or cold out. Especially effective in very cold or very hot climates for example, with the strong Australian summer sun it keeps the heat out of the room. 
  • You use less fullness in the widths of the curtains and the bumph gives a more rounded full look.
  • No visible stitching on the front of the fabric which helps with the movement of all fabrics.
  • Wonderful for silk, giving a round, luxurious look which hangs beautifully.
  • Equally when using cotton or linen fabrics, having bumph interlining between the fabric and the lining enhances the curtain providing a full bodied round look to the curtain.


Jacqueline can provide fabrics or work with client’s own fabrics to achieve the desired effect.