Mauve and white alce curtains with chair edited 1

Blue and whiste checked curtains with swags edited 1

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Pale blue curtains with swag edited 1

Curtains, whether plain or decorative, lined or with sheer backing help to soften a room.IMG 0411.JPG curtain heading

So many styles from which you may select and Jacqueline offers a word or two about lining:

"Irrespective of style, lining with a good quality block out fabric is so important. Protection for those valuable fabrics combined with very good insulation properties."

Interlined curtains give a more rounded look to the curtains and are a must for colder climates.

Highly decorative window treatments are now used mainly for the period or older style of homes.

With our busy lifestyles many people are now wanting to explore easier, less fussy ways of treating windows.

Sheer curtains can be used for privacy and to filter sunlight.

Wonderful for apartment living, combined with block out blinds behind the curtains.

Pelmets can be used with both blinds and curtains and valances paired with either blinds or sheers provide a more decorative treatment to the window.

Clients with fabric chosen, asking about the style of curtains or window coverings often say to Jacqueline" you always know what we like, what style do you suggest"....

A likely response from this craftswoman has a dash of serendipity about it

 "we have the fabric, the form it will take comes when the fabric gets onto the table and then it tells me how I should make it up, not all fabrics are suitable for all designs"